1. Download cloud backup zip file

  2. Go to your Jira site. You must be a part of the site-admins group 
  3. Head to back up manager in the menu by typing gg or . on your keyboard and type 'external system import' or clicking System -> External system import  
  4. Click Jira Server or Cloud

  5. Select Merge with existing users and click import data

  6. Upload your file from your PC 

  7. Once the file has been uploaded you will be directed to this screen, ensure you have clicked 'Disable outgoing mail' and click 'Run import'

  8. Whilst the import is running you will see the following screen 

  9. You will then be asked to grant application access click so 
  10. You will then be navigated to your organisation administration page, click to Users on the left hand side

  11. Click on the three dots next to your name  and click 'Add user to group' and ensure you are part of the 'jira-servicedesk-users' and 'administrators' group
  12. Click on Switch to then click Jira Service Desk


  13. You should now see the Crisis Management and Demo Desk projects, as well as navigate within them

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