We are proud to introduce you to your Service Dashboard, a new page accessible from the support portal.

It provides information on your active support and/or hosting contracts. 

Once logged in the support portal (https://support.valiantys.com/servicedesk/customer/portals), at the top-right of the page, click on your account avatar then "My Service Dashboard". 

And here's the direct link.

Let's have an overview of the information displayed :

Landing page

  1. Account selection
  2. Your account information
  3. Direct link to our website
  4. Your active support contracts
  5. Your active hosting contracts
  6. Your Valiantys Cloud applications information
  7. Tips describing above categories

  8. Back to your support portal and requests
  9. Update your named contacts and your profile

Support contract information

Support customers only

Select a support contract to display your purchased options.

Hosting contract information

Hosted customers only

Select a hosting contract to display :

  1. Hosting contract generic information
  2. Hosted applications
  3. Hosting servers

Application information

Hosted customers only

Select a Valiantys Cloud application to display : 

  1. Application detail
  2. Heavy addons

These metrics are pulled daily.

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