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You can access all requests created by someone from your company from the My requests links in the upper right corner of the portal.

Requests workflow

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Business rules


  • When the ticket is created, it arrives with "Submitted" status
  • As soon as our team starts working on it, the ticket moves to "In progress" status
  • If we need more information from you, the ticket is moved to "Waiting for customer" status, and a comment is added on the ticket detailing what information we need to solve the issue.
  • If we need a third party to help solve the issue, the ticket is moved to "Waiting for customer" status. Third parties could be Atlassian, an add-on vendor or a hosting provider.
  • When providing you with an answer, the ticket moves to "Closed" status. A comment is added providing you with all necessary information.
  • If the answer does not fully meet your expectations, you have the ability to reopen it, which moves the issue to "In progress" status.
  • If the ticket requires a planned operation in order to be solved (e.g. upgrade, planned restart), it will move to "Operation planned" status, letting you know in a comment when the operation will take place and who will be responsible for it.
  • If the ticket is identified as a consulting task, it will be closed with resolution "Consulting".


  • Response SLA is measured from the "Submitted" status to the "Operation planned", "Waiting for customer", "Resolved" or "Closed" status 
  • Response SLA only counts the first hit of the "Operation planned"/"Waiting for customer"/"Resolved"/"Closed" status - this means that if an issue is reopened or gets back to "In progress" status, the SLA does not restart.
  • Response SLA is paused on the following status: "Waiting for third party".
  • Response SLA mesured according to the coverage selected for the support contract: during business hours for clients who chose business hours coverage and 24/7 for clients who chose 24/7 coverage.


  • After ticket creation, the creator receives an email notification.
  • At any moment, the creator is able to reply to this notification in order to add a comment to the ticket.
  • The creator receives an email notification as soon as the ticket enters "In progress" status, meaning the issue has been taken into account.
  • The creator receives an email notification when the ticket enters "Waiting for customer", "Waiting for third party" or "Operation planned" status.
  • Our support team receives a notification when the issues is reopened from "Waiting for customer" or "Closed" status.
  • The creator receives an email notification when the ticket enters "Closed" status.
  • The creator receives an email notification each time the ticket is commented by our support team.


  • Tickets that have "Waiting for customer" status and have not been modified for 3 and 6 days are automatically commented, which sends a notification to the creator.
  • Tickets with "Waiting for customer" status that have not been modified for a period of 12 days are closed automatically, but you are able to reopen them if required.


  • At any point in time, you have the ability to escalate the issue. Escalating the issue sends a notification to the Support Team lead and the Head of Managed Services so that they can review the ticket and take action if necessary.
  • We recommend using this escalation button if
    • You are not getting the required level of expertise for dealing with an issue
    • You are not getting appropriate response time after you provided all information for the support agent to work on your ticket
  • If you have a very urgent issue, we recommend you to call us directly rather than escalating the issue (as a reminder, our phone numbers can be found here: Raise a support request)