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If you have downloaded this from the Atlassian Marketplace as a .jar file, please rename the file to .zip and then unzip the file to get the Server deployment.

  1. Download the file:

  2. Use an SFTP tool to move the file to the server where Jira Service Desk is installed

  3. Once the file has been moved to the hosted server; modify the permissions and the owner of the zip file

  4. When the permissions and the owner for the file have been modified; move the zip file to the following file path:

    Code Block

    Note: This is where the Crisis Management solution will be installed from

  5. Navigate to the Import And Export section of your Jira settings and select Restore System

  6. You will then be presented with the option to type in the name of the file you will be restoring the system from. Once the file name has been entered press Restore (Do not forget to backup your new Jira instance):

  7. The restore will begin to process and the Crisis Management configuration will load from the file

  8. Once the restore finishes you will be prompted to log in again

  9. When restoring to a Server Jira instance you may lose administration rights; therefore requiring Jira to be started in recovery mode. Information on how to regain access to your Jira instance following a restore can be found on the Atlassian documentation:

  10. Once you have regained access to your Jira instance there will be the following projects available. The Demo Desk project is a replica of the Crisis Management project. You can use the Demo Desk project to understand the configuration and view

  11. The concept within the project is the following; Employees will act as Customers and will need to be invited to the service desk, and Managers will act as the Service Desk Agents and will need to be part of the jira-servicedesk-users group.    If you wish to view the group members or remove/add any managers in this group you can do so as displayed below

  12. Once the Employees have been invited as Customers and the Line Managers are part of the jira-servicedesk-usersgroup. You are now ready to begin using the Crisis Management solution. Employees will be able to raise tickets using the specified request types through the Service Desk portal

  13. When Employees raise a request the Line Manager will be able to view it by navigating to the necessary queue

  14. There is also various dashboards which can be used to give management a view of the requests coming through on the instance